Reclaiming PPI On Credit Cards – Credit Card PPI Reclaim

Reclaiming PPI On Credit Cards

Many payment protection insurance policies on loans and credit cards were mis-sold meaning that plenty of people up and down the country are entitled to a compensation claim. Eagle Claims can help with reclaiming PPI on credit cards and with your credit card PPI reclaim.

The process to reclaim credit card PPI is a simple one which starts with an information gathering process. This information gathering will enable us to find out all the details for your credit card PPI reclaim allowing you to choose which you would like to pursue. All you need to do is complete three forms and fill out a simple questionnaire to get the ball rolling.

Then we will complete an audit and assessment for the credit card PPI reclaim allowing us to discover any potential claims and the grounds for which we can make a mis sold PPI claim.

The third stage of reclaiming PPI on credit cards is to set out the reason why you have a mis sold PPI claim in a written letter. The claim will then be looked into by your lender who will then decide whether to accept it, contest it or turn it down. The mis sold PPI claim will then be taken to the Financial Ombudsman if we don’t get a satisfactory outcome from your lender.

We will then look to reach a settlement for your credit card PPI reclaim which will see you receive the money you are entitled to.

The whole process for reclaiming Payment Protection Insurance PPI on credit cards should take between two and four months although some cases can take longer if there are complications with the mis sold PPI claim.

If you have any questions regarding your credit card PPI reclaim then please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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